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Our bodywork method works for dogs, too. Have a dog suffering from shoulder, hip, or back pain? We can help.


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Canine Joint + Spine can help your dogs live a happier, pain-free life

There are dogs all over the world suffering from hip, spine, and joint pain. And there are owners who far too often have to make the extremely difficult decision to put an end to their dog’s pain. As a result, they end up losing a loving member of their family. We truly believe that this isn’t necessary.

There are real solutions – 97% of pain receptors are in the soft tissue. Most people put too much focus on the spine or the joints. They are missing the fact that the soft tissue is pulling on their spine or joints which ultimately causes the dysfunction.

Moench Method Canine Joint + Spine uses the same bodywork principles that have been developed over the last 25+ years which focuses on lengthening soft tissue. We eliminate pain by eliminating the tightness or constraints on the soft tissue so it stops pulling at the attachment, increases blood supply, and ultimately increases the body’s capacity to heal itself. This has the capability to eliminate your pup’s pain for a longer, happier life.

How our bodywork method works for dogs

  • [0:04] What is Canine Joint + Spine?

  • [1:19] How do dogs display pain?

  • [2:07] What causes pain in dogs?

  • [4:41] When can you see results?


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