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We Fix Dogs Too!

There are dogs all over the world suffering from REAL hip, spine, and joint pain. But, there are REAL SOLUTIONS to help these dogs! 97% of pain receptors are in the soft tissue which is exactly what we treat. This soft tissue is pulling on the joint or spin causing pain and dysfunction. With our Method developed over the last 25+ years, we know we can help your dog get better, or your treatment is FREE!

Average Costs

Owners often have to resort to the following treatments in an effort to reduce their pup's pain. These treatments are pricey, don't guarantee success, and don't treat the root cause of many pain issues that dogs face. 97% of pain receptors are in the soft tissue — and that's what we address at Moench Method Canine Joint + Spine. Here's a breakdown of what traditional methods cost versus bringing your dog in for a session with us. Our treatment can have your dog feeling better in 1-2 visits!

Moench Method

Traditional Treatments 

  • Initial Visit (includes 1st visit and 1 follow-up visit)- $395

  • Additional Follow-up Visits (if necessary)- $195

  • Hip Dysplasia Surgery: $1,700 - $4,500

  • CCL Surgery: $750 - $5,000 per knee

  • Spinal Surgery: $1,500 - $4,000

  • Luxating Patella Surgery: $1,000 - $5,000 per knee

  • Daily pain medication (treats the symptom, not the root cause of the issue): varies based on Rx and dog size

Canine Joint + Spine can help your dogs live a happier, pain-free life

Average Cost of Surgery ranges from $2,500 to $6,000.


First visit with Moench Canine is $395 (and includes 1 follow-up visit). If any additional visits are necessary, they would be $195.

Request an Appointment

To book your dog's first session, please submit the form below. After touching base to answer any questions you may have, we will provide a consent form to be completed by you and your dog's veterinarian. Once completed, we will contact you again to set up the appointment.

We got it - thanks for submitting!

Help your dog live a happy, healthy, and pain-free life!

Signs that your dog could be suffering from pain:

  • Limping

  • Lack of energy

  • Whining

  • Whimpering

  • Swelling

  • inflammation

Our main Canine space is located in Westlake...

3930 Bee Caves Rd.

Suite D

Austin, Texas


... but we are also able to make Canine appointments at our Round Rock location!

Before and After Video



Moench Method Canine Joint + Spine uses the same bodywork principles that have been developed over the last 25+ years which focuses on lengthening soft tissue. We eliminate pain by eliminating the tightness or constraints on the soft tissue so it stops pulling at the attachment, increases blood supply, and ultimately increases the body’s capacity to heal itself. This has the capability to eliminate your pup’s pain for a longer, happier life.

A Brief Explanation of Canine Joint + Spine & How it Works

  • [0:04] What is Canine Joint + Spine?

  • [1:19] How do dogs display pain?

  • [2:07] What causes pain in dogs?

  • [4:41] When can you see results?

What our clients are saying about Moench Method Canine Joint + Spine treatment

Before your dog's visit

PawprocessblueC (1).png

Complete the Appointment Request form ("Request An Appointment" form above)

PawprocessblueC (1).png

When the electronic consent form has been completed by both you and your dog's veterinarian, we will contact you to set up an appointment date and time. Let your vet know to be on the lookout for this email so that we can get you booked as quickly as possible! 

PawprocessblueC (1).png

Ensure your dog is clean and flea-free.

PawprocessblueC (1).png

Trim nails to an appropriate length – when their nails get too long, the dog's natural gait can be negatively impacted.

PawprocessblueC (1).png

Properly hydrate your dog before their session – hydrated soft tissue is easier to manipulate and can increase the likelihood of a successful treatment. 

PawprocessblueC (1).png

If your dog has a history of anxiety and has anti-anxiety medication prescribed to them, please plan to administer a dose before bringing them to their appointment. Any situation involving strangers can be stressful for your pet and a session of myofascial release is no exception. 

PawprocessblueC (1).png

Appointment length varies, but you can expect to be able to run a couple of errands before we give you a call that your pup is ready to pick up!

Moench Method Canine Joint + Spine is in Westlake

Westlake Location

​3930 Bee Caves Road Suite D

Austin, TX 78746


Want more information?

Drop your email below or give us a call at (512) 540-4892.

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