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Moench Method Stories

Stories of people whose lives have changed since getting treatment.

Cari Nelson
She struggled with:
Chronic knee pain

My life before Therapy Central was stressful... They have helped every member of my family. I think it's a relief knowing that Therapy Central is there if I ever have any pain. It's life changing. Everything about it is great.

Hear from Cari

I suffered from pain in my knees and hips as a result of a dislocated knee that I had to have surgery for. I spent so much time trying to find the right solutions and trying to get to a place where I was pain free.

I found Therapy Central through an old boss. My mother got into a bicycle accident and was told she was going to be bed-ridden until her knee quit swelling. At that point, my boss told her about Therapy Central and we never looked back.

During the treatment sessions, it's excruciating. But it is a very productive pain. It's not something that you can't tolerate because you know that it's doing good for your body. I know that when Ken goes in for that first time into your hip flexor and you feel like you're going to levitate of the table and have an out of body experience, that it's doing something good for you. It's not bad pain. It's going to get to a point where it doesn't hurt. And then you know that what you're doing is right. And it's good for you.

My life after treatment is stress free. I think it's a relief always knowing that Therapy Central is there if I sit too long or have any pain. My husband was having back pain for a while, and I sent him straight there. Don't mess with anything else. The doctors wanted to do an MRI. I said "Just try Therapy Central before anything else." They gave him all of the tools that he needed—fixed it right up and told him what to do to strengthen it.

It's not just one session. They give you information to take with you. My first time there they even did a blood type test just to give me more information on how to be healthy. It's just life changing. Everything about it is great.

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