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While we don't accept insurance directly, getting  a referral can increase the odds of your insurance covering our services.

Many of you have asked about insurance coverage for our services—this is a great opportunity. The biggest hurdle in getting insurance coverage is securing a script or referral from a doctor to see us. 

Getting a referral from a medical practitioner, like the one below, can help increase your chances of treatment getting covered by your insurance. 

Use the links below to contact them now.

Here is an awesome medical professional whom you can go to see to receive a referral:

  • In-person: Jon Mendoza, DC, RN, with MSW Lounge (located directly above our Westlake office) will write you a script after an assessment at his office.

Questions? Call (512) 244-6241 or email us.

Insurance Reimbursement

While we don't accept insurance directly, we do have many clients that have been successful in getting reimbursed by their insurance companies for our services. The Square reciepts that are issued at the time of payment include our CPT code, NPI number, and Tax ID number so that our clients have access to the most requested information by insurance for reimbursements. PLease let us know if your insurance company need any additional information. 

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