Meet our team of bodywork professionals

We have 10 licensed therapists serving our three locations in Austin

Ken Moench

Ken has been a massage therapist for over 26 years. Ken’s method is unlike anything you've experienced before. unique. He specializes in injury rehabilitation and has developed the technique we now call “The Moench Method” (previously Pin & Move). The Moench Method incorporates facets of Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy. 


Chris Nowels

Chris' commitment to healthcare began while caring for his father, a retired contractor suffering from chronic pain brought on by a lifetime of physical labor. 


Frustrated by an apparent lack of non-surgical, non-opiate based pain management options, Chris became determined to find an effective alternative for others suffering from similar conditions. 

Licensed Massage


Jason Brazil

Licensed Massage


Jason has been actively involved in sports and martial arts since he was a kid. He has an intimate understanding of athletic injuries and dysfunctional patterns that can cause imbalance, pain, and sub-optimal performance.