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Tired of wasting time and money on treatments that just don't work?

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Experiencing Injury Or Pain?
Find Solutions WIth Us...
We Fix Your Pain Fast...
Convenience of treatment

Caused by shortened, tight and often weak muscle tissue attached to or around the joint.

With our dedicated, knowledgeable and licensed therapists, we can help you understand the issue.

By restoring length to your soft tissue, our method will heal your pain NATURALLY! Helping you live a pain-free life.

We can help you avoid surgery or weeks of physical therapy. Come and see us today at any of our three locations in the Austin area

What Is The Moench Method and How Will It Work For Me?

We are massage therapists. But not in the traditional sense.

We treat your soft tissue by using a combination of myofascial release, ischemic pressure, and deep tissue massage.

Our method of treatment resolves your pain fast because it’s treating the root cause of the pain, and not just the symptoms you experience (stiffness, aches, inflammation and injury).

We identify, address and eliminate your most fundamental issues causing you pain and discomfort!

Ken Moench

Ken has been a massage therapist for over 26 years. He specializes in injury rehabilitation and has developed the technique we now call “The Moench Method” (previously Pin & Move). The Moench Method incorporates facets of Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy.
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