We've helped heal over 20,000 people with our bodywork method

We've treated clients ranging in age from a day old to 97 years old.

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I've witnessed first hand and second hand that the good people at Therapy Central can perform miracles. I personally can testify that the therapy done here is something that can change the way your body feels and operates. Not only do they release your muscle pain, and get your blood flowing right again, they educate you on what you should be doing to help your body operate more efficiently. If you have any body pain whatsoever you should make yourself an appointment.


Skylar N.

If I would have gone to him before I tried so many other therapists I would have said so much money! I have been going to see Ken and his therapists since 2001. There was a time I was in such bad pain and spent thousands of dollars going to different specialists with no avail. I was on a search to ease my pain since my pain was so bad. A friend recommended Ken and after just 1 session with him, I was able to walk without help. I needed assistance before then. It took a total of 3 visits after that to be back to my pain-free self. If I would have gone to him before I tried so many other therapists I would have saved myself so much money! 

Estephania L.

I will be eternally grateful for Ken "fixing" my little girl!  Every time I go, the pain is cured in one visit! I have seen him for knee pain, tennis elbow, sciatic pain, tight shoulder, etc. I'm amazed at his knowledge of how the body functions and how manipulating the muscles gets rid of the pain for good! The best success story in our family is my daughter. She started seeing Ken when she was 3. She was born with torticollis of the neck. We had been to several specialists, physical therapists, etc. We started taking her to see Ken and he worked on her neck. I will be eternally grateful for Ken "fixing" my little girl. Don't try to "work it out" on your own. It's so worth it to go to the great folks at Therapy Central to work out YOUR pain!!


Anna M.

We've helped clients from all walks of life, even professional athletes

From top high profile athletes (Aaron Judge from the New York Yankees, collegiate powerlifters, former NFL Lineman Benton Reed) to newborn babies to people who have been struggling with chronic pain for tens of years, we've helped people from all walks of life.

Some of the professional athletes we've treated:

Aaron Judge - Right fielder for the New York Yankees

David Matranga - Agent & Former Infielder for the Houston Astros

Benton Reed - Former NFL Lineman for the New England Patriots

Lisa DePaulo - Professional Golfer LPGA

Jessica Rightmar - Former Midfielder for the Auburn Women's Soccer Team

Jason Shirley - Former University of Texas Power Lifter

People have traveled from over 15 states and 4 countries to get treatment from us

Our clients have traveled from all over the world just to get treatment from us—because IT works.


I would rate Therapy Central 10 stars if I could!  This is THE place to go if you suffer back pain. Therapy Central clinics use a very different form of massage therapy. It is a very deep muscle massage that restores the natural balance of your body's muscular structure. Does it hurt? Yes, for a moment it does. Does it work? YES, IT DOES and very effectively so. I went to Ken for an extremely painful back. I could hardly walk into the clinic. After the first massage, I was able to walk normally and after two followup sessions, my pain was completely gone. So to sum up, if you suffer from pain, get yourself to Therapy Central and be quick about it. You will forever bless the day that you did.


Don C.

Spent thousands of $$ down the drain. Then a miracle happened. It actually hurts, but he made the pain go away. I tried pain management for degenerative discs pain for 2 years with no results or help and was on so many painkillers, nerve blocks, etc. I literally don't remember two months of my life. Spent thousands of $$ down the drain. Then a miracle happened. Nancy introduced me to Ken. Within a visit or two, the pain had gone away. Ken is an angel sent from heaven with the power to heal. It's not easy. It actually hurts, but he made the pain go away and I will forever be grateful.

Veronica Keaton-Barker

I wish I would've had access to this type of treatment when I was 20!