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How Stress Affects The Body

Stress takes a toll on your body physically – here's how bodywork can alleviate many of the problems you may be experiencing.

People often look at stress in isolation as a mental issue. Today, we very often diminish the physical effects that stress has on the body. The more stress you have, the more it will start to take a toll on your body physically. Stress can and will manifest into physical problems.

When the body is stressed, muscles tense up. Muscle tension is almost a reflex reaction to stress – it’s your body’s way of protecting against injury and pain. Chronic stress causes your muscles to be in this state constantly – and when this happens for long periods of time, a plethora of other reactions can unfold. For example, things like tension headaches and migraines are associated with chronic muscle tension in the shoulders, neck and head. Millions of people suffer from these chronic painful conditions, and stress plays a massive role in perpetuating these conditions forward.

In this video, Founder of Moench Method Bodywork Ken Moench, Chris Nowels LMT, and Jordan Daughtery LMT talk about the effects that stress has on your body and how implementing bodywork can alleviate many of the problems you may be experiencing.

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