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Why Your Neck Hurts

The overwhelming majority of the time that people have neck pain and discomfort — the chances are that you have a major soft tissue dysfunction. Here's why you're neck hurts and how to fix it.

When people have neck pain, their first thought usually is that they need to go to a chiropractor and get their spine adjusted. Typically, people aren't aware that 97% of your pain receptors are in your soft tissue.

If you have pain, discomfort, or dysfunction of some sort in your neck area, the overwhelming majority of the time the chances are that you have a major soft tissue dysfunction. Chiropractors serve their own purpose and usually focus on the structure. If you fail to address the dysfunction that's coming from tight and contracted muscles that are constantly pulling the structure out of place, it does not fix the root cause of your pain. And sadly, your discomfort and pain will only persist.

In this video, Founder of Moench Method Bodywork Ken Moench, Chris Nowels LMT, and Jordan Daughtery LMT talk about the cause of neck pain and how implementing bodywork can alleviate many of the problems you may be experiencing.

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