What the Moench Method is and what to expect  

This type of treatment has been developed, practiced, and proven to get results over the last 25+ years by our founder, Ken Moench.


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What the Moench Method is and how our treatment is different

We are massage therapists. But we don’t burn candles, play music, or dim the lights.


We use a combination of myofascial release, ischemic pressure, and deep tissue massage through targeted ranges of motion of the problem areas being treated. 


This type of treatment has been developed, practiced, and proven to get results over the last 25+ years by our founder, Ken Moench. It's known to many as the Moench Method. Our method eliminates your pain in the least amount of time possible.

Your pain isn’t the problem. Pain is simply the message your body sends when something deeper is wrong. Your pain won’t go away until something is done to fix the root cause.

Instead of temporary fixes like pain medications, anti-inflammatories, steroid injections, or putting you through weeks (sometimes months, even years) of physical therapy, we identify, address and eliminate your most fundamental problems.

What we do that gets rid of your pain and injuries

The Moench Method focuses entirely on the tissue that holds your body together: your fascia or soft tissue.

When you injure a muscle, it contracts or shrinks so that you can't and won't move it so that the muscle can heal. It's what we like to call: "mother nature's cast".

Without treatment, your muscle heals shorter and more contracted than it was before you got hurt. This takes away your normal range of motion. And you're not able to use that muscle the same way you once could before.


What we do is lengthen your fascia (or soft tissue) so that your muscles can take its original shape. This stops your muscles from painfully pulling at any of its attachments.

At the end of this process, your muscles and fascia are lengthened - which gives you back full range of motion, proper blood supply, and lymphatic drainage to your problem areas that have been worked on.

Meet the founder, Ken Moench

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Ken has been a massage therapist for over 26 years. While going to school to become a physical therapist, he started working as a massage therapist part-time.

After getting licensed, Ken began working with some of the physical therapy clients who weren’t making progress as they'd hoped. 

The patients that hadn't responded to traditional physical therapy treatments were getting amazing results with the massage bodywork he was providing. Before long, Ken was doing 8 hours of massage therapy a day as a physical therapy aide only, but only making $9/hour—so he decided to go out on his own.

Ken’s method is unlike anything you've experienced before. unique. He specializes in injury rehabilitation and has developed the technique we now call “The Moench Method” (previously Pin & Move). The Moench Method incorporates facets of Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy. 


We were coined with the phrase "It hurts... but it works!" for a reason

Our clients are usually sore for 2-3 days afterward and sometimes may even sport some really cool looking bruises.

Western medicine often forgets that the body is the healer and has almost an unlimited capacity to heal itself if the structural integrity, blood flow, and circulation are restored. 


That is what we do. We eliminate pain by bringing balance back to your body’s integrity. We identify and correct the root causes of pain instead of just treating the client’s symptoms. 


Our approach has been so successful for over 20,000 people over the past 25 years that our business has been almost exclusively by word of mouth referrals.

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Let's get you healed

Book your appointment at one of our locations: Round Rock or Westlake. You can book online or give us a call at (512) 244-6241.